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    2022 Unifor Constitutional Convention President's Report

    Greetings Union sisters, brothers and siblings,

    It was my honour to attend the 2022 Unifor Constitutional Convention to represent the members of our Union Local 4270.  A little background, we are allotted delegates based on our membership.  As it is currently under 500 members we are given 1 delegate and 1 alternate.  The alternate attends should the delegate for any reason be unable to attend the convention hall, for example important Local union business, illness, accident or other.  It has been the long standing policy of our Local that the President attend as delegate, and one of the workplace Unit Chairpersons attend as alternate.  The alternate delegate rotates amongst our 3 workplaces, Chateau Laurier Hotel, Russel Metals, and Sterling Ford.  As such Miles Bailey, Chateau Laurier Hotel Unit Chairperson attended as alternate delegate with myself as delegate.  The alternate delegate is not allowed to vote or speak to the convention.

    New assistance for workers in 50% capacity workplaces

    New changes have been made to the Canada Worker Lockdown benefit that is now available to workers subject to capacity-limited restrictions of 50% or more for more than 7 consecutive days or for the entire duration of a government imposed lockdown.  

    Please see the documents below for full details as you may qualify: